This website is under construction.
Get the PRE-ALPHA BUILD 6 version here:
1; INSTALLATION - choose destination folder manually, then follow instructions of the installer
- ESC to pause game / change resolution - this should be the first thing you do after loading
- WASD to move
- mouse to rotate
- left click to shoot
- right click to rotate camera behind Kate, hold down to keep the camera facing Kate's direction
- mouse wheel to change weapons
- F to interact with objects or people
- G to see goals
- I to see inventory
- L to switch on Kate's torchlight
- Z to "zoom" and lock camera location, intended for sniping
- 3 to place Claymore mine, they won't react to Kate, but if an enemy steps infront of it, it will go BOOM and you better not be close :-) If you run out of them, you will hear my lovely voice :-)
- what will happen if you press F under that tent set up in the corner of the map I wonder...
- you can also extend a draw bridge over the chasm next to the storage depot
- unlock the door on that little building with the code 1111
- if you don't feel like going around the fence, shoot your way through it...

That's about it for this build. Remember, this is NOT a game just yet, merely the elements I will use to make it.